Hi, I am

Marie-Josée Dubé

Frontend developer based in Canada

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My passions vary from coding to getting into nature...

women trekking overnight in the backcountry
women overlooking a glacier fed lake in the mountains
women snowshoeing in a winter wonderland with tall cedar trees

I am a front-end developer in the making with SheCodes, I realized last year that I was very interested in coding and knew I wanted to pursue a career change into it after completing SheCodes Basic. I find coding very enjoyable and at times challenging. Coming from being a hairstylist for 11 years, I like how I can still use my creativity with coding!

That being said I like to have a balance in life, any chance I get to be active, especially when it comes to being outdoors in the mountains, I take it! Living in such a beautiful place, there's an abundance of places to discover whether it's summer to winter, one place can look very different within seasons and I am out there to see it all on my free time. I find it helps me get a clear mind for my week coming and helps me feel fufilled!